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Don't make these mistakes when hiring a freelancer

You’ve decided to take the plunge and finally tackle that annoying problem on your website, congratulations! Don’t take the chance of ruining your site and possibly your business by hiring the wrong web developer.

  • DON’t hire a random stranger without checking credentials
  • DO hire only on a well-known freelancing site
  • Avoid hiring the WRONG developer

Sounds great! but how do I avoid those mistakes when hiring a web developer?

There are many freelancing sites like Fiverr and Upwork that offer customers some protection from scammers by managing the payment, the marketing, the customer service, etc. You can pick and choose from a large selection of freelancers and even get bids upfront before making your decision.

The freelancer you choose will make every effort to take good care of you since their reputation is on the line with every order. If they provide bad service, their feedback will suffer and their ability to earn a living will be ruined. If you like the service you receive from that freelancer, don’t forget to leave some type of positive feedback! Their reputation is on the line and this can have a huge impact on their income.

If a freelancer is good, he or she will most likely belong to a popular site like Fiverr or Upwork. Those sites are the most popular and attract a lot of customers. You sign up without the freelancer seeing any of your info and then you can post a job opening or contact a freelancer directly after seeing the services they offer.

After you reach an agreement with the freelancer, the work begins and must be delivered in the time frame agreed upon. Once you accept the work and mark the job as completed, the freelancer is paid but the money is held in an escrow account to make sure you are happy.  If you are happy with their service, don’t forget to leave positive feedback for the freelancer and ask for the same in return. Reputations are really important! (are you noticing a trend?)

While it is important to hire a freelancer from a trusted site, it is also critical to find the right person for the job. Take a look at their profile and don’t forget to look at their portfolio of previous work. Make sure they work with the technology that you already use or need. Ask lots of questions! Remember, freelancers aren’t just trying to gain your business once, they are trying to establish a good working relationship and look forward to repeating business and/or referrals.

A good freelance web developer will gladly work with you to establish what your goals are and set a time frame and budget that meets your needs.

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Why hire a freelancer?

COVID has caused the world to rethink working remotely. It works. Now imagine taking the benefits of remote workers and stripping away the time and money wasted while training a new hire. When you strip away the payroll taxes, the calling in sick, the drama and rumor mill, What are you left with?

The result is an employee that wants you to succeed, that only gets paid when they are working for you, and disappears the moment their task is done.

If you need a freelance web developer, why hire ME?

There are three reasons for engaging my services:

  • I am not only a freelance web developer but also a BUSINESS OWNER. You run a business and you need to make a profit. I spend every penny wisely.
  • I understand the fear of dealing with a stranger. It’s difficult to find help that is hardworking and trustworthy.
  • I work a lot more than 40 hours a week and need people around me that don’t waste my time.

As a web developer and business owner, I understand your concerns. I won’t waste your time or money. If I feel you might be better off doing something a bit differently,  I will make a suggestion, and I won’t put your website or your business at risk. Before any work is done, I will make sure your site is backed up for all but the smallest of changes.

Although I have many existing clients outside the popular freelancing sites, I offer all new services through fiverr and Upwork so you can feel safe that you will not be taken advantage of.

What my customers have to say

"Scott is very knowledgeable and has helped me many times. He is quick and really gracious with his time. If you need any computer work done he is the guy for you! Can't recommend him enough."
Jeremy K.
Fire Chief
"His honesty and integrity are valuable assets as you look to outside vendors to help lead your organization’s technology objectives"
Jimmy P.
Digital Strategy & Engagement Leader
"Time and time again, Scott has proven that he "knows" what he is doing vs. just "thinking" he does. It is truly a blessing to have had worked with someone like Scott"
Keegan D.
Associate, Bolt Goodly

If you'd like to take the next step, click this link to contact me on Fiverr.

If you’re not already a member on Fiverr, use this link to sign up and receive 20% off your first order!


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