Proven Methods To Learn Cyber Security

Hey, ever wondered how to become a cyber-security whiz? Well, the secret sauce is starting off in good ol’ IT! It’s like the ultimate warm-up – you get a strong tech background and learn the ins and outs of the digital world. So, if you wanna rock the cybersecurity game, IT is your jam!


1. Tech Know-How: In IT, you get to learn all about networks, operating systems, and hardware. It’s like knowing the ins and outs of the tech stuff, which comes in super handy when dealing with security issues.

2. Cyber Security 101: You pick up the basics of cyber security, like access controls and encryption. These are like the ABCs of keeping things safe from cyber bad guys.

3. Spotting Weak Points: Working in IT helps you see where the weak spots are in systems. You can sort of predict where the trouble might come from and beef up security to stop it in its tracks.

4. Handling Oopsies: IT folks deal with tech emergencies like system crashes and nasty malware. Dealing with these incidents gives you hands-on experience in how to respond and fix things when a security hiccup happens.


Cyber Security Careers

Do cyber security professionals start their career in another profession?


79% of cybersecurity professionals started their careers working in IT

5. Mastering Network Security: You get to play around with firewalls and other network gadgets in IT. This helps you learn how to protect networks from sneaky hackers.

6. Getting Inside Users’ Heads: Working with end-users helps you understand how they think and act. This knowledge is gold when it comes to training people to be security-savvy.


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7. Playing with Cybersecurity Tools: IT roles let you try out cool stuff like antivirus software and vulnerability scanners. It’s like having a box of toys that help you defend the digital realm.

8. Rules and Stuff: In IT, you might bump into security regulations that companies have to follow. Understanding these rules is helpful when ensuring everyone is on the same security page.


"Rome wasn't buillt in a day"

Just like any other skill, cyber security takes time to master. Don't skip the basics!

9. Risk Detective: In IT, you’re like a risk investigator, always looking for potential problems. This skill is super handy in cybersecurity, where you assess and manage risks to keep everything safe.

10. Keep Learning: Cybersecurity never stands still. Starting in IT teaches you the importance of staying updated and always learning about new threats and how to beat them.

11. If you’re interested in getting into cybersecurity, you should totally check out the Network+ or Security+ certification by CompTIA. They’re like super cool badges that can help you kickstart a career in cybersecurity. Network+ covers all the networking stuff, like how data travels on the internet.

Security+ is all about becoming a cybersecurity Jedi, protecting systems from the bad guys and keeping data secure. Once you have these certifications, you’ll be all set to rock the cybersecurity world and be a tech hero! So, go for it and join the cyber adventure!


If you’re getting into the world of networking and internet stuff, learning TCP/IP and its bunch of protocols is a must. TCP/IP is like the superhero of the internet, making sure data moves smoothly between devices. Once you get the hang of it, you can fix network problems, set up cool gadgets, and even dive into the exciting world of cybersecurity.

Whether you’re an IT newbie or thinking of changing careers, learning TCP/IP is like unlocking a door to a ton of tech adventures and opportunities. It’s gonna be a wild ride!

Remember, while starting in IT is great, cyber security is a special gig that needs some extra love. So, jump into training, get some awesome cybersecurity certifications, and you’ll be an unstoppable security superhero!

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