Payment Gateways

There are many free shopping carts available.  People sell on eBay and Etsy! all the time. While it’s easy to set up a generic website, setting up the payment gateway isn’t quite that easy.

Maybe you just want to sell a single item, or enroll students in a class.

Setting up a shopping cart can be cumbersome and time consuming. You have better things to do in your spare time (like run your business).

I can help with that!

In just a few hours I can have a page on your site that takes payments from PayPal and Stripe.

Sounds like an easy task, right? Well, I will provide not only the page to accept the payment but an entire back-end that you can login to where you can see the info from the people that have paid you. 

II will provide you with website tracking the items that were purchased and their info. Would it be nice to see all the people that signed up for your course and know how many people are now enrolled for a particular date?


Tell me more!

To speak to me about a custom site and payment gateway, all my services are offered through Fiverr. If you are not already a member, there is a sign-up link at the bottom of this page where you will save 20% off your first order.

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